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It is a directory that lists local food products and that brings together in a single location the information found in numerous independent specialized databases. For example, it contains nutritional data, information about ingredients and certifications relating to the inventoried food. It is intended for professional food buyers and Québec consumers.

Because it is one of the priorities in the government of Québec’s 2018-2025 Bio-Food Policy – Feeding our World.

Because information on local food products, whether it be the variety of available supply, the food’s characteristics, its certifications and nutritional value table, etc., is generally difficult to find in one place. But, helping professional food buyers or consumers learn about Québec’s food supply and find foods produced and processed in Québec is a major issue in terms of increasing local food purchases.

Because creating a directory like this is a response to the need expressed by both Québec food companies and professional buyers.

In 2020, the QFD is the first and only directory of its kind in Canada.

  • Professional food buyers from Québec and elsewhere, in the public and private institution, restaurant and retail sectors;
  • Consumers;
  • Food distributors, wholesalers and brokers;
  • Food processors who want to source ingredients from Québec;
  • Commercial attachés from Québec’s representations abroad and Canadian trade commissioners abroad;
  • Government professionals.

Countless Québec food products are produced or prepared in Québec every day. These foods are indexed in databases before they enter the food distribution system, particularly in grocery stores.

They are also listed in the QFD if the companies that manufacture them have authorized the ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation (MAPAQ) to release the relevant information.

The information comes from the Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec (CRIQ), GS1 Canada, and Aliments du Québec, which compile information on companies or the products they offer. In general, these databases are populated by the companies themselves. They have authorized the MAPAQ to publish their information in the QFD.

The directory includes information from multiple databases. For the moment, the MAPAQ is using data from the Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec (CRIQ), GS1 Canada, and Aliments du Québec. The company must therefore be registered with the CRIQ and have provided its “main GLN” code. In the case of GS1 Canada, the company must have designated the MAPAQ as a trade partner so that the MAPAQ can share its product information in the QFD. Finally, Aliments du Québec brand members are also identified.

Smaller businesses and specific sectors not currently included in existing databases may have the opportunity to add their information to the QFD.

The goal is to potentially include seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as meats produced and prepared in Quebec in this directory.

No. The purpose of the QFD is to make Québec’s food supply known. Commercial or transactional data must be communicated directly between producers, processors, distributors and buyers.

No. Information about a product’s distributor or point of sale is not available in the QFD. This commercial or transactional data must be communicated directly between producers, processors and buyers.

Aliments du Québec is a certifying body that authenticates the origin of products. These products can then use the “Aliments du Québec” or “Aliments préparés au Québec” logos or their organic versions – which is rewarding for businesses!

The QFD aims to promote all food produced and manufactured in Québec.

To promote local purchasing as quickly as possible and to receive feedback from users.

No, businesses just need to be registered with both GS1 Canada and the CRIQ.

The QFD is updated weekly.

Le Panier bleu allows users to consume local products by promoting Québec merchants. The QFD provides detailed and specialized information on Québec food products, including their ingredients, nutritional value, allergens and so on, as well as information about their producers or processors.

No, the QFD is not a transactional website. Trade takes place as normal between professional buyers and the companies that manufacture the products. That’s why company contact information is given in the QFD.

If the error is in relation to the company’s data, you can either correct it yourself using the CRIQ’s electronic platform, or contact the CRIQ directly.

If the error is in relation to product data, the company must correct the data using the GS1 Canada electronic platform or contact GS1 Canada directly.

The company’s data comes from the CRIQ. The company should verify that it has provided the main Global Location Number (GLN) and its corporate data to the CRIQ.

Product data comes from GS1 Canada. The company should check whether it has authorized the MAPAQ to publish its product data.